18 November 2011

Thimble 104 - TDoR

TDoR... never heard of it? Neither had I until recently. I was looking for an idea for this week and stumbled on a special Day of Remembrance happening this weekend (20th Nov). It was founded in 1998 for the victims of a particular kind of hate crime.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

I'm not sure what's sadder - the fact I never knew there was such a day or the fact there is a need for a day specific to one small group of people who end up being attacked and killed for being different. I went and looked at the memorial page on the TDoR website. There's page after page of memorials; all of them died horrific, brutal deaths.

I used to have a transgender blog friend, "used to" not because she's dead, but because she had to stop blogging after people figured out who she was... and sent her partner death threats.

As a blogger she was one of my favourite weekly reads - insightful and eloquent, caring and deeply spiritual. I miss her blog, but I completely understand the fact she put the safety of those she loved above her own personal needs. That's what a decent human being does...

Decent human beings do not attack and kill others merely because they are different....

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