2 November 2011

Thimble 100 - Day of the Dead

In Europe this is All Soul's Day and links back to equally ancient Pagan religions. In Celtic beliefs this time of the year was their New Year - a time where death and rebirth complete a full circle. In Mexico this is the Day of the Dead, when people go to cemeteries to be near their departed loved ones. The day is a blend of Christian and far more ancient Aztec beliefs in honouring your ancestors.

For today's Peace Thimble I'm remembering a very select group of Mexican war dead - those who have died, and continue to die, in the war against drug trafficking.

Poet and activist Javier Sicilia lost his son to the drug violence that has plagued Mexico. In June, he led a caravan 1,500 miles across Mexico, stopping in some of the most ravaged cities to hold rallies for the grief-stricken communities.

Read the full story, "Can a Grieving Poet's Movement for Peace Save Mexico?" by Melissa del Bosque at www.texasobserver.org.

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Can one everyday person really make a difference and change the world? Isn't that a bit like trying to empty the ocean with a thimble?

Maybe... but what if you got everyone to help you?
What if we bailed with a billion thimbles?

These are my Thimblefuls for Peace... I hope they make you think.