18 October 2011

Thimble 85 - Peace Flag


The rainbow striped Peace Flag was created in 1961, in Italy, by the pacifist, Aldo Capitini for a Peace march. It was the "Reason to blog4peace" #58 for Mimi herself. :-)

She told me:
Did you know that in 2003, one million peace flags were hung from windows in Milan in silent protest against the Italians taking part in the Iraq war? It looks like the windows are smiling. What a powerful statement.Iagre!!..
I Agree!

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Can one everyday person really make a difference and change the world? Isn't that a bit like trying to empty the ocean with a thimble?

Maybe... but what if you got everyone to help you?
What if we bailed with a billion thimbles?

These are my Thimblefuls for Peace... I hope they make you think.