26 September 2011

Thimble 63 - Peace and War

There is one Peace Symbol that has, most tragically, taken on a symbolism of an entirely different kind. In fact, it has even been banned in several countries around the world.

Originally it was a symbol for harmony, Peace and good luck. In China it was sometimes used as a symbol for the sun. The ancient Greeks used it to decorate their pottery and the Hindus linked it, in various forms, to their gods. It has been used in funeral rites as a blessing and as a good luck symbol all across Asia. This bottom photo shows it used on a Temple in South Korea.

The ancient Sansksrit name for this symbol, translating as "all is well" is... svastika.

all is well

How terribly tragic that such a beautiful blessing, worked into a pleasing geometric symbol, could now be something we draw back from in disgust when we see it in connection with Hitler and the Nazis. For millenia it wished us all well until one century of war and violence changed all that.

Maybe one day, when all is well, we'll set it free to be the simple symbol of Peace it was first created to be.

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  1. Lovely post, I agree, funny how few know of the symbols real origins,

    Be well ♥


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