14 September 2011

Thimble 51 - Eirene and the Olive Branch

The olive branch as a peace symbol dates back to ancient Rome and Greece. The Olive tree was the favourite of Eirene (Irene) - the Greek goddess of Peace. She was depicted holding an olive branch.

"How far peace outweighs war in benefits to man;
Eirene , the chief friend and cherisher of the Mousai (Muses);
Eirene, the enemy of revenge, lover of families and children, patroness of wealth.
Yet these blessings we viciously neglect, embrace wars;
man with man, city with city fights, the strong enslaves the weak."

5th BC


  1. What a wonderful site. I've enjoyed reading your peace thimbles!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. irena is icelandik for Irene

  3. Thank you
    And Irena Sendler was one of my first Peace Thimbles, Thimble 81, which is something I hadn't noticed till you wrote this reply. How perfectly named she was! :-)

  4. irene was a very beautiful goddess.

  5. Michelle, you have such a nice, well constructed website... truly inspiring :D

  6. Thank you Anonymous... maybe sign your name next time? :-)


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