30 December 2011

Peace Thimble 110 - Janus at the Door

This last thimble of the year is dedicated to the Roman god Janus, who gave the month of January its name. Janus was the god of doorways, of beginnings and endings... of change and transition. He is depicted as having two faces - one old and bearded looking back... one young and fresh looking forward...

But Janus was the god of something not so often known - he stood between Peace and War as a protector. Because of this the temples of Janus only kept their doors open during war. In times of Peace the doors were closed.


Tomorrow we will stand in the doorway between 2011 and 2012. I don't make New Year resolutions, but I always say a toast - in memory to the year that is passed and the people we have lost, looking back as the old face of Janus does. And then to look forward, as the young face of Janus, to a new year we hope will be filled with good health, happiness and prosperity for everyone.

This year I'll be adding another toast in honour of Janus - to look back at war and look forward to peace. ;-)

And I have the perfect quote, by Maya Angelou, to use for that toast:

“History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, 
but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.”


  1. A fitting post to walk us through the transition from one year to another, beautifully written, so much so it is felt in ones heart.

    May your year be filled with ♥ happiness, peace and harmony...

  2. Thank you Gemel ♥

    You're friendship has been a highlight of this year. :-)

    Wishing you all good things for 2012 too.


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